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Slovenia permanent residence

A Slovenia permanent residence permit and its acquisition are a great step and one of top priorities for every foreigner who lives in Slovenia on the basis of a temporary residence permit. The general period for obtaining a Slovenia permanent residence is five years of legal residence in Slovenia. Only then does the foreigner according to Slovenia immigration policy acquire the right to apply for a Slovenia permanent residence permit. A permanent residence permit gives a foreigner roughly all the rights that citizens of the Republic of Slovenia have. After obtaining a Slovenia permanent residence, no further renewal and the stress associated with it are required. 

Despite the above, there are still circumstances due to which a foreigner may lose his / her permanent residence permit. In addition to the most general and logical reasons such as the death of the foreigner, the acquisition of Slovenian citizenship (Slovenian citizenship by marriage, etc.) the extent and frequency of the foreigner’s stay in Slovenia might be a reason to lose it. 

Slovenia immigration rules

According to Slovenia immigration rules a Slovenia permanent residence may be lost if the foreigner moves out or stays outside the EU for a year or more. The Slovenia permanent residence permit shall also be revoked if the foreigner emigrates or stays outside the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for a continuous period of six years or longer. The logic followed by the Slovenia immigration rules in determining the conditions for the termination of a Slovenia permanent residence is that, even after obtaining it, the foreigner must continue to maintain the center of his or her own legal and economic interests in Slovenia and consequently reside in it. This can therefore be a problem for those foreigners who intend to stay in other countries either for personal or business reasons. 

Permanent residence

A permanent residence and work permit Slovenia may also be lost if the foreigner is denied a residence permit. Termination of residence and consequently loss of permanent residence permit occurs in the event of a criminal conviction of a foreigner for a criminal offense of imprisonment for a term longer than three years. Similarly, the Slovenia immigration rules say that if the foreigner is endangering the security of the state, public security or public order, the foreigner’s residence permit is terminated. It should be noted that the conditions for termination of a Slovenia permanent residence are different in the case of a foreigner who is an EU citizen or a family member of an EU citizen or of a Slovenian citizen. For the most part, the conditions for withdrawal are somewhat milder but not always.

If you would like to discuss your options for obtaining a Slovenia permanent residence, but you are not familiar with the conditions we invite you to come to our law office where you will consult our lawyer immigration. Since we know the Slovenia immigration policy and rules, we can assist you and advise you throughout the process of obtaining a Slovenia permanent residence.

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