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Slovenia temporary residence

Slovenia immigration rules require that a foreigner who applies for a Slovenia temporary residence permit for the first time, should apply at a Slovenian consulate in the country of which he is a national. Only later and subsequent extensions of the Slovenia temporary residence may be lodged directly in Slovenia. The first Slovenia temporary residence permit usually expires after the first year. Typically, the renewal of a Slovenia temporary residence permit must be arranged at least five times, five years in a row. According to Slovenia immigration rules, only after five years of legal residence in Slovenia can a foreigner apply for a Slovenia permanent residence permit. 

The amount of renewals of a foreigner’s temporary residence permit is mainly influenced by the legal basis on which the temporary residence permit was issued (such as temporary residence permit for study purposes, temporary residence permit for family reunification, etc.) However, there are differences within the various legal bases. Thus, there is a difference in the permit for Slovenia temporary residence of a foreigner on the basis of family reunification or if he or she applies as a family member of a Slovenian citizen or a third country national. In the case of a family member of a third-country national, temporary residence permits are renewed for five years, and for a family member of a Slovenian citizen only two years. 

Temporary residence permit

Upon each renewal of the Slovenia temporary residence permit, the foreigner shall obtain a special document confirming that he / she is in the process of obtaining a residence permit, that he / she is allowed to stay in Slovenia during the procedure and that he / she must not leave the Republic of Slovenia during this time. Foreigners who do not comply with the rule not to leave the Republic of Slovenia at the time of deciding on the application for a Slovenia temporary residence permit, may suffer unpleasant consequences. This is especially true if a foreigner would need a visa to re-enter Slovenia. 

Lawyer immigration

For a foreigner, renewing a Slovenia temporary residence permit every year is usually a big stress and contacting a lawyer immigration makes sense. Slovenia immigration policy is quite strict, since it prohibits the extension of a temporary residence permit for a foreigner in cases where there is doubt that the foreigner will respect the law of the Republic of Slovenia. Such a doubt may also constitute a misdemeanor. Once a foreigner has received a Slovenia permanent residence permit, the stress usually ends as he no longer needs to renew his temporary residence permit every year. If you would like to discuss your options for obtaining a Slovenia temporary residence permit and the Slovenia immigration policy, you are welcome to call us and arrange a free appointment with a lawyer immigration. A Slovenia temporary residence permit can sometimes be obtained without major problems, but practice shows that there are more and more cases when this isn’t so. It is for this reason, that we recommend that you consult an experienced lawyer immigration in Slovenia for all the procedures relating to your temporary residence permit.

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