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Child support

Child support should always be decided by the court and an appropriate decision of the court made. Only then, does the parent with the child custody have the necessary protection. Non-payment of child support or child maintenance is usually dealt with in cases where the judgment in which the child support obligation is clearly defined is not respected. In such cases a lawyer for child support is necessary. When the child support has not yet been determined by a court decision, non-payment of child support by the other parent is not yet considered as a breach of law, despite clear legal provisions on who and when someone is obliged to pay it. 

This is because the amount of it, must first be determined by a court decision. Non-payment of child support as determined by a court decision entitles the beneficiary to recover it in enforcement proceedings by the help of a lawyer for child support. Enforcement for non-payment of child support is very effective as it takes precedence over other court enforcements. Irregular payments are also considered as non-payment.

Lawyer for child support

It is not necessary to react immediately to the termination of child support payments, but it is nevertheless necessary to pay attention to limitation periods that are shorter than for other types of claims. It is advisable to consult a lawyer for child support about the risk that non-payment of child maintenance can have on a parent. In cases of nonpayment of child support enforcement proceedings should be initiated as soon as possible. If this is unsuccessful due to the lack of assets of the debtor, the creditor in certain cases can obtain it from the child support fund. Execution due to non-payment of child support cannot always be successful, but child support in such cases may sometimes be ensured by the state. Failure to pay child support may sometimes be treated as a criminal offense. Non-payment in such cases requires that the debtor purposely evades payment and not due to a possible lack of funds. Consult our lawyer for child support for more details.

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