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Labour law, employment law – lawyer

The aim of labour law is to regulate the employment relationship between the employer and the employee. Labour law thus regulates the rights and obligations of the worker and the employer. Labour law is governed by several legal acts, ranging from international binding treaties, the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, legal acts as well as by-laws and contracts between employer and employee. In every employment relationship, a basic source of labor law is an employment contract. It usually sets out the basic and essential rights and obligations of the worker and the employer.

When there is a conflict between the content specified in the law (Zakon o delovnih razmerjih) and the content specified in the employment contract, the one that is more favourable to the worker is used. Namely, the law stipulates minimum rights for workers that even an employee cannot ignore or change by a different arrangement in an employment contract. Labor law, on the other hand, also protects the employer by imposing certain obligations on the worker which he must respect. If you need legal assistance or legal advice in the field of labour law, make an appointment at our law office in Ljubljana.

Labor law advice

With labor law advice, we do not only advise employers, but mostly workers. Practice shows that workers’ rights are often violated by employers. Often, labor law disputes can be resolved in an amicable way with the employer himself, which is also the best possible outcome of any dispute. In certain cases, labour law disputes cannot be resolved without the assistance of a court. In such cases, the employee has the opportunity to assert his or her rights before the labor court by filing a proper lawsuit. However, respect for labor law rights can sometimes be achieved in other ways. Such methods can range from reporting a violation of rights / obligations in a labor inspectorate to filing a proper criminal complaint, e.g. for violation of fundamental rights of workers. However, not every dispute is appropriate to resolve it in these ways. Even with criminal complaints (criminal charges), it is necessary to prove the intention of the employer, which in practice can sometimes prove difficult. Contact our law office in Ljubljana for more information on how to resolve your employment law dispute.


Labour law consultation


Our law office provides legal advice in the field of labour law. We provide legal advice on meetings that need to be pre-aranged with our lawyer. At the meeting, you will initially describe your legal problem, then your lawyer will ask you additional questions. Only when a lawyer is fully aware of the facts of your case will he / she be able to give you proper legal advice. Without knowing the facts, not even the best lawyers will be able to help you, as they will not know what your real problem is and what is the real reason for needing legal assistance.

A Short legal advice and consultation in the area of labour law is sometimes sufficient for the client to resolve his or her problem. Sometimes the lawyer’s legal advice won’t be enough and the client will require further assistance of a lawyer, such as filing a proper lawsuit before the Labour Court in Slovenia. If the lawyer is not well aware of the client’s legal problem and does not know the facts well, legal advice can even be harmful. It is for this reason that our law office avoids giving legal advice over the telephone, as we believe that this is at the least irresponsible to the client, if not harmful. Only after having a conversation with the client at the meeting can good legal advice be given.


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