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Slovenia property

A Slovenia property contract is probably one of the most common complex sales contracts. A Slovenian real estate sales contract is almost always made with the help of attorneys, with each party having to have their own. It is best when the attorney is a lawyer real estate expert. The reason lies not only in the drafting of the contract itself but also in the preparation. The Slovenia property sale contract should be concluded by the buyer only after the lawyer real estate has been able to examine all the key documentation and public registers relating to the Slovenia property itself and when he has given the green light that the conclusion of the Slovenian real estate contract is safe enough. 

When the contract for Slovenia property has already been prepared by the seller in advance, you should know it will most likely be prepared only for the seller’s benefit, where only the seller’s rights will be protected in case of various breaches of the contract by the buyer. Once the Slovenia property sale contract has already been concluded and the client has not consulted with his lawyer, it may already be too late and legal assistance is often no longer possible or possible or is no longer effective. A Slovenia property contract refers to different types of property, e.g. a sales contract for a house, a sales contract for land as well as for example sales contract for agricultural land, which has its own peculiarities.

Slovenian real estate contract

A Slovenian real estate contract is very demanding from the point of view of the formal form, as it must be prepared in such a way as to enable the entry of new ownership of the property in the land register. One of the conditions that such entry is possible is that the Slovenian real estate contract contains a land register permit with a certified signature of the seller. However, in order to obtain the seller’s signature verification, a prerequisite is the registration and payment of the appropriate property tax Slovenia. A Slovenian real estate contract with a specific buyer might also not be successful in those cases where, for example, the municipality has a pre-emptive right, etc. It is the job of the lawyer real estate to check all these details in advance and obtain the proper documentation.

Lawyer real estate

A lawyer real estate will especially be necessary in cases when a house sales contract is being signed. A house sales contract is, in principle, quite similar to a land sales contract but is in practice much more complicated due to the various forms of legal burdens that often exist on houses, such as mortgages. However, there might be complications even when the sales contract for the house has been successfully signed and the transfer of ownership completed. Often complications might arise with the neighbor, such as neighborhood border disputes due to unregulated borders that were not known by the buyer. It is for this reason as well that it is important to obtain the opinion of a lawyer real estate before buying property in Slovenia. Sales contract for an apartment is also similarly complicated.

Sales contract for agricultural land

Sales contract for agricultural land and sales contract for ordinary land vary considerably. The main difference is that a sales contract for agricultural land cannot be concluded with anyone and there is a specific procedure for selecting the most suitable buyer. The reasons for such rules are to ensure that the agricultural land comes into the hands of someone who will also cultivate it and that the agriculture land will not be fragmented and divided into smaller parts in the future.

A sale contract for agricultural land will be able to be concluded only after a public offer for its sale has been published by the seller, after all the pre-emptive rights of all interested parties have been respected and only after the buyer selection procedure has been successfully completed. It is the buyer buyer with the strongest pre-emption right that wins. In case you would like to consult a lawyer attorney regarding the procedure of buying property in Slovenia, you just want a particular real estate Slovenia legally checked in advance, you want an opinion on Slovenia estates or you received a draft contract from the seller regarding a Slovenia property and you want it checked, you are invited to visit us in our lawyer firm.

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